Choose The Right Pedal For You
We now offer three different designs!

Catalyst 1

Catalyst Evo

Catalyst XL

Our original design is Guaranteed To Improve Your Performance and comfort no matter what type of riding you do.
The US Manufactured Evo Design Improves on the original With - 1) Rear Entry Pins And 2) Less Weight.
The Catalyst XL Is made with the larger rider in mind, delivering more contact area for size 13+ feet.
“These things are just as advertised. Not only do they grip like glue, the foot placement made a noticeable difference immediately. I felt more in control during my first ride with these than I've ever felt in thirty years of trail riding". - Jason
"The best cycling innovation to come along in decades!!! Totally changed my riding for the better and racing bmx!! Nothing has ever felt more right with any previous pedals I've tried". - Jeff
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